Monday, October 12, 2009

BellaBlu Maternity announces the addition of Caden Lane and Petunia Pickle bottom diaper bags!!

We are so very proud to announce the arrival of Caden Lane designs and Petunia Pickle Bottom to our diaper bag collection. Both of these designers are considered some of the best in the industry and have the track record to prove it. But don’t take our word for it, just check out these gorgeous diaper bags. Plenty of room, plenty of amenities, and simply a fantastic look. Many of them you can’t even tell are diaper bags! All are designed and manufactured with the highest quality and are built to last for the entire duration. Easy to clean and even easy to match with your favorite outfits!

Both Caden Lane Diaper Bags, and Petunia Pickle Bottom, come with several styles to choose from. Some are bigger then others and some are easier to get around for those quick trips. Regardless, you are certain to find one that matches your needs or style.


With each new fall and spring season we can hardly wait to see what gorgeous maternity dresses our designers have in store for us. This year, they didn’t fail to deliver as we have some of the most beautiful maternity dresses in the industry. With renown designers such as jules & jim, Japanese Weekend, Olian, and others, BellaBlu announces some of our favorite Fall 2009 dresses.

Monday, July 20, 2009

High Tide Hipkini!

Another hot item at Bellablu Maternity, is the High Tide Hipkini - available in brown and teal patterns, this swimsuit has been a HOT seller! Get yours now while they're in stock!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cute summer maternity dress!

Summer's here, and there's no better time than now to look your greatest in our new cotton halter pink Maribou dress! This adorable new dress has taupe silk halter ties on one shoulder, and is very comfortable. Looks great on you even after your baby is born! Sizes extra-small to extra-large currently available.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Shopping Cart Covers

Get the cutest shopping cart covers from name brand designers at Shopping Cart Cover Shop! We have selections for boys, girls, gender neutral, and even twins! Keep your baby comfortable, clean and germ free while you shop!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wearing Maternity Clothes

It is almost certain that as soon as women become pregnant, they start to surf the Internet or flip through baby and parenting magazines. Most marketing sales pitches suggest that you shall soon need specific maternity wear if you are to ensure that you carry yourself well throughout the pregnancy. One even tends to look at the model with pearl white teeth and a small baby bump and start wondering whether you will look as graceful when you start showing. That you will definitely need maternity wear is certain but the question is when?

There are no fixed parameters that decide when you need to start wearing maternity clothes. This is mainly because while there are benchmarks to assess whether your weight increase is normal or not as the months go by, there is a wide differentiation in how the body of each woman reacts to pregnancy. The size of the baby, the diet and various other factors like metabolism also affect the manner in which the tummy shall grow.

Maternity wear should ideally accommodate the diversities of the female body and the first thing is to know what is available for your size and shape. Below is some advice that may prove useful.

Regardless of the fact that it is suggested that most women do not start showing or gain significant weight before the first trimester is over, some women do gain significant weight in the first trimester. Many feel bloated and normal clothing may tug against the sensitive stomach. The best thing in this case would be to buy non-maternity clothes that have a drawstring or an elastic band at the hip. Buy a few pairs of maternity jeans, pants, skirts or shorts, whichever you prefer, and you will be able to wear them even after you deliver the baby. You can do the same with dresses as well. Simply buy those with a stretchy material and one size up from normal. A Bella Band is also an excellent device that allows you to continue to wear your current jeans and pants without buttoning them!

This type of clothing may serve you well even during the second trimester when you have a clearly visible baby bump. However, for your own comfort you can look for maternity wear with flat tailored panels and adjustable waistbands that are more discreet and comfortable. You may also have to get yourself good support bras to boost your confidence.

By the time you enter the third trimester you would have outgrown your wardrobe. Maternity wear at this stage is mostly dependent upon your size and selection. The basic theory is the same as in the first and second trimester. Trousers and stretch panel skirts with adjustable waistbands are a must as they fit comfortably over the bulge. Depending upon your mood and inclination you may choose maternity wear that covers the baby bump or shows it. This is also time for you to look for a nursing bra, nightwear suitable for breastfeeding and other loose fitting post-pregnancy clothing.

As stated earlier, when and what type of maternity wear you will require depends largely upon how your body changes during pregnancy. Some women are known to live through the entire pregnancy with adjustable non-maternity clothing while for some it may be necessary in the first trimester itself. The thing to cheer about is that there never was such a huge variety of affordable and fashionable maternity wear as there is today.

Friday, January 30, 2009

New maternity clothing lines coming!

In December of 2008 BellaBlu Maternity & Baby celebrated their one year anniversary of the opening of their retail store in Edmond, Oklahoma. In addition to celebrating a fantastic year, we will be adding several additional high quality maternity clothing and diaper bag lines. Lines such as Jules & Jim, Shade, James Jeans, Spanx, Nest, timi & leslie, and BumGenius. Soon thereafter, when the Fall season of 2009 approaches, even more high quality lines will be added! BellaBlu Maternity & Baby is determined to offer the highest quality maternity clothing options. We understand that maternity clothing is worn very frequently in the 4-6 months it is owned and therefore is expected to last. Our designers are some of the highest respected designers in the industry and know what soon to be moms expect. Buying a top and then having it shrivel up after two washings is not acceptable no matter what you paid for it! Lastly, we also know how important it is to find trendy maternity clothes that don’t have that boring look you often find in stores in the mall. You want to look great during this special time in your life and BellaBlu Maternity is the best online store there is. Locally owned and operated with fantastic customer service. At BellaBlu Maternity, we are here to make your online shopping experience as easy and as pleasant as possible because you deserve it!

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