Friday, August 20, 2010

New Fall Maternity Clothes!

Fall tends to be a warm welcome for many mothers and expecting moms. With the hot weather coming to an end, and school starting, there are plenty of new things on the horizon to look forward to. One of the best things for the expecting mother is the wonderful new styles and designs of maternity clothing. One thing is for certain in the maternity clothing industry…..Fall spells style. There is no doubt that the Fall season brings out the absolute best in the newest fall maternity clothing styles. From vibrant prints to soothing solid fall colors, we have it all. It’s so much easier to dress warm than to dress cool. You can have a wide array of choices of maternity dresses that look so beautiful, they can literally be shocking to many as being for expecting mothers. Each Fall season the selection of maternity dresses and tops gets better and better. With the new trends, and the classic that never die, there is always something that will fit your taste. For many expecting mothers, the dresses are the most popular desired item. With the new season, not only does the temperature get cooler, but the holidays become a more profound time in our life. Holiday parties and get-togethers are such a wonderful time for new moms as they are glowing from the expectancy of their new precious angel to the celebration of family, life, and the religion or spirituality that makes up their life. What a great combination! Fall maternity dresses and tops are usually not form fitting so pay close attention to your bust size when ordering. Make sure the dress doesn’t go down too far in the front that could reveal more than what you feel comfortable with. Most dresses on BellaBlu Maternity breathe well so you don’t have to worry about getting too hot, so focus on style and color. Find a color that complements you or even gives you the slimming effect many expecting mothers crave.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer season in full blast!

Summer is upon us in full force. Are you ready? Do you have one or two maternity swimsuits? Do you have enough cami’s and maternity tee’s? Now is the time to get your summer collection of maternity clothing before it’s too late. Swimwear is one of the biggest things mom-to-be’s overlook as they forget how much they wore their swimsuit last year! Maternity swimwear is abundant at BellaBlu Maternity. Casual maternity tee’s and tops are also a huge summer favorite. Since many events are held outside, you nee to find a sleeveless or short sleeve tee that fits you well and makes you feel good. Some moms like the maternity tee’s with cute little sayings on them, while others like the solid bright colors that breathe well. Ruching sides is also a big hit for maternity tops as it helps the fit and flexibility as there is no riding up or gathering. Most maternity tops for spring and summer are designed to breathe better as pregnancy seems to increase your sensitivity to heat anyways. Seems like we are always hot as those hormones don’t give up! Shade brand of tee’s are still the most popular casual maternity top around. Solid vibrant color maternity tops and by far the most comfortable you will find. And last but not least, the most affordable of any high quality maternity tee! A maternity cami or tank is also a big favorite. Ruching tanks are great but we would suggest you get white. Same goes with maternity cami’s as the whites and pinks are always a big summer hit. Most have a fit that will satisfy all moms since they are so flexible. Enjoy your summer and make sure you have all the maternity summer clothing you need to make it even better!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bags

BellaBlu Maternity announces the addition of Ju-Ju-Be Diaper bags to our online and retail store! We are very proud to announce that we have added the legendary Ju-Ju-Be diaper bag line to our beautiful selection of diaper bags. Ju-Ju-Be has a very strong reputation as a high quality diaper bag line. They have a wonderful selection of diaper bags to select. They have diaper bags for every type of mom….from conservative and trendy styles to the radical floral beauties! All their BeAll bags have the Waterproof and easy cleaning Teflon as well satin linings which are waterproof as well and are ideal for cleaning. Their lining are also bright colors which unlike many standard black linings, allow mom to find what she’s looking for much faster. All of their hardware is metal and not plastic for better durability. They also use magnets instead of Velcro for pocket closures. And boy do they have the pockets as you can never have too many pockets on a diaper bag! And as always, each bag comes with a removable Memory Foam changing pad to help evenly support your baby as well as help with pressure points. BellaBlu Maternity will be carrying Ju-Ju-Be’s BeAll bag line. These are by far the most popular and most practical. So come take a look at the wonderful selection of Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags we have to choose from. If you decide these may not be the bag for you, don’t worry, we have a tremendous selection of diaper bags to choose from and the vast majority come with free shipping! We even have a great selection of diaper bags for Dad’s too!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Maternity Swimwear

Swimwear season is here!

BellaBlu Maternity is excited to announce this years beautiful new selection of maternity swimwear. As the season has rapidly approached, it’s time to pick a maternity swimsuit that will make you feel as wonderful as you are. For many, this is the most exciting time of the year with fun filled outdoor activities, BBQ’s, and parties. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t join in the poolside, lakeside, or ocean side fun. Picking a maternity swimsuit has actually become far easier and even more important, more fun as there are so many adorable suits to choose from. From Prego to Maternal America, you just can’t go wrong with the selection and styles of suits available. Most maternity swimwear fits true to size, though the major rule of thumb is that if you are in between sizes, you should order up. Bust size is the most important to focus on as you have to make sure you have enough support. Some women can’t have strapless while others prefer halters. Do you want a full coverage maternity swimsuit to cover those areas that you would prefer not be seen….for now. Too tight in the bust area is another area to avoid as a tight top can be very uncomfortable. The vast majority of the maternity swimwear have padded cups and/or are lined for better support. Swim bottoms are very flexible and a there are several styles that have tie-side bottoms for even better adjustment. So now the decision is yours. Take a look at BellaBlu’s fantastic selection of maternity swimwear. We’re always here to help if you have any sizing questions or need s suit delivered by a certain date. We always try to accommodate our customers needs whenever possible. And don’t forget the $4.95 flat rate ground shipping which just can’t be beat!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pregnancy and Your Body

Post partum blues? Not anymore! The evolution of maternity clothing never ceases to fail as now it continues into after the baby wear. BellaBlu Maternity has added a wonderful new nursing bra line from Bravado. A high quality, affordable nursing bra line with top of the line nursing bras. Maternity pajama sets are all nursing capable so they work great during and after pregnancy. From Japanese Weekend to Olian Maternity, you will certainly find a cute style that suits your interests. Lastly is probably the most important to many moms these days and that is how do I get back to my "normal" body? Well that question has been answered with the induction of the pregnancy belts. Not the kind that hold your belly up for support while you are pregnant, but the kind that get the belly back down so you can work on getting that 6-pack back….or at least try! At BellaBlu Maternity we have 2 brands of after the baby belts to choose from. We have the ever popular Belly Bandit which comes in three styles. They are the Original, the Couture, and the Bamboo(most popular), with each having a color and/or design you will love. All are very easy to size and can be worn right after having your baby(once cleared from the doctor of course!) The next line is one that has been taking off rapidly and is soon to become our best seller and that is the Cinch. The Cinch belly wrap is a uniquely designed wrap that comes in two styles and two colors. Sizes are very simple as they only have two! The Cinch is very simple to use and offers stronger support and allows a wide range of adjustment. Their Signature Cinch even has pockets for warm or cold packs! So don’t let the post partum blues get you down as BellaBlu Maternity offers a great selection of nursing bras and pajama sets to choose from and as the always so wonderful belly wraps to get help get your body back the way you want it! Come take a look!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Spring Line Has Arrived!

Spring is here and so are our fabulous new Maternity dresses and tops! As the long winter of 2010 comes to and, we are excited to announce the arrival of our spring maternity dresses and tops at BellaBlu Maternity. With new designers such as Glam Maternity, combined with our stellar lines from Japanese Weekend, Olian, Jules & Jim and Maternal America, we have a wonderful selection of maternity dresses and tops to choose from. All of our maternity clothing is high quality and designed to last through full term pregnancy and even several weeks post-pregnancy during the transition. We have the classy and conservative sleeveless style of dresses as well as Cowl Necks and Halters. If you are the type of Mom to be that likes the prints, we have some beautiful styles of prints to choose from. You can start with Tie-dye, to floral, to 2-color expanded prints that look absolutely adorable. Our trendy line of maternity clothing is becoming more and more popular each year as we understand how important it is to look and feel your best during these trying months of your body making all sorts of changes. The sizing of our new maternity dresses and tops has been even better as the vast majority are true to size, yet most have room for areas where you might be experiencing less or more growth. We are always here to help with any sizing issues and welcome any thoughts or concerns. So don’t wait too long as many of our dresses and tops sell out fast. Our wonderful selection of formal maternity dresses is also getting ready top hit its peak demand as the wedding seasons approach. And last but not least, if you just want something plain and simple, yet comfortable and stylish, you can never go wrong with our fabulous Shad line of maternity tops. Several colors to choose from along with the form fitting style or ruched. You cant go wrong and you wont go wrong with BellaBlu Maternity and its terrific selection of trendy, high quality, yet affordably priced maternity clothing!

Friday, March 19, 2010

New maternity clothing line!

BellaBlu Maternity announces Glam Maternity into their new line of maternity dresses and maternity tops! We are tremendously excited to bring in Glam who has a beautiful selection of maternity dresses and maternity tops. There is basically something for everyone in this adorable trendy line of maternity clothing. All are made in the USA and all constructed of super soft materials to make you feel even more comfortable and stylish at the same time! Glam Maternity, also knows as See You in Miami, is a very well respected designer in the maternity industry and is dedicated to providing high quality maternity clothes at affordable pricing. There are so many styles to choose from. Gorgeous prints to solids make it easy to choose maternity dress for the season. It didn’t take BellaBlu Maternity long to decide that this line shares our vision as well…to provide high quality, trendy maternity clothing at affordable pricing. All their line is made to last throughout the entire pregnancy and even afterwords through the transitional period. What’s even nicer with their maternity clothes is that almost all of the styles are a One size Fits All. Talk about eliminating the fear of ordering the wrong size of maternity clothing! The Unwritten rule is that the One Size Fits all sizing is catered for those sized 2-12. So come take a look at the fantastic new maternity dresses and tops BellaBlu Maternity has to offer. We promise you’ll find something that fits your style and your budget. You deserve it!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Bella Band Color!

BellaBlu Maternity is proud to announce the new Bella Band color for Spring 2010…Grey! Grey you ask? How can Grey be a spring color? Well believe it or not, Grey is a very popular color for spring and summer as it can be worn with basically any color jeans and top. With a grey Bella Band, you still have some color yet you don’t have that heat absorbing factor that the black Bella Band can have. As always, BellaBlu will have several colors of Bella bands available such as White, Black, Midnight(dark navy), Petal(light pink), Coffee(dark brown) and wine(dark burgundy). We offer two styles of bands….the Everyday style and the Lace style for the more trendy look. Still our most popular item ever, the Bella Band offers great comfort and ease with use. No need to buy new maternity jeans yet, when you can buy a Bella Band and use your current jeans. The Bella Band is excellent for transitional use as well when you cant quite fit into your old jeans after delivering your precious angel. The Bella Band offers superb comfort to help hide your belly when you want to be a little more low profile, or to help support that belly if you are one of those mothers that is carrying the baby lower. So come get yours today at BellaBlu Maternity online store or our retail store located in Edmond. Still free ground shipping whether you order it alone or with any other item BellaBlu has to offer.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Maternity Hits!

The holidays are over and so far the big hits of the season have been BellaBlu’s Red & Black Plaid Tunic and the Effortless maternity dress. The Red and Black maternity tunic is so wonderfully soft and comfortable and ties in the back so it can grow with you! Great coverage and is one item that can be worn casually with jeans or leggings, or business casual with slacks or trousers. Next is our Effortless long sleeve v-neck maternity dress in black or brown. This gorgeous v-neck maternity dress will give you a classy polished look without having to give up the comfort that some of the more semi-formal dresses lack. So wonderfully soft and comfortable, it will surely turn heads and provide numerous compliments. Maternity clothing at BellaBlu has never been better! So take a look at these trendy new additions along with many other beautiful maternity dresses and tops. We promise, you will find several items that fit your taste. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any sizing or product questions on our maternity clothes as we are always available to help you make the best decision during this wonderful time in your life. You deserve to look good!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Diaper Bag by Timi & Leslie!

BellaBlu Maternity presents the long awaited Charlie Bag by Timi & Leslie - this bag was moving fast before we even had them available! This adorable double handles Slouchy Tote diaper bag comes in black(most popular), brown, teal, and red. It’s made of PVC and is easy to keep clean and always looks great. It has a waterproof lining and comes with several interior pockets and wristlets. As always, this beautiful diaper bag comes with a changing pad, bottle tote and the always important key fob for quick access! This diaper bag is the perfect size as it’s not too big nor too small. It measures approximately 16” x 18” x5”, which is ideal for the on the go mom.

Last but not least, this beautiful diaper bag comes with a removable strap as well as stroller straps for those pleasant morning walks. So come get yours now while supplies last. At BellaBlu Maternity, we are always her for you maternity and baby needs and are always available if you need any assistance whatsoever. We are here to make your online shopping experience as easy and as pleasant as possible!

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