Thursday, May 20, 2010

Maternity Swimwear

Swimwear season is here!

BellaBlu Maternity is excited to announce this years beautiful new selection of maternity swimwear. As the season has rapidly approached, it’s time to pick a maternity swimsuit that will make you feel as wonderful as you are. For many, this is the most exciting time of the year with fun filled outdoor activities, BBQ’s, and parties. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t join in the poolside, lakeside, or ocean side fun. Picking a maternity swimsuit has actually become far easier and even more important, more fun as there are so many adorable suits to choose from. From Prego to Maternal America, you just can’t go wrong with the selection and styles of suits available. Most maternity swimwear fits true to size, though the major rule of thumb is that if you are in between sizes, you should order up. Bust size is the most important to focus on as you have to make sure you have enough support. Some women can’t have strapless while others prefer halters. Do you want a full coverage maternity swimsuit to cover those areas that you would prefer not be seen….for now. Too tight in the bust area is another area to avoid as a tight top can be very uncomfortable. The vast majority of the maternity swimwear have padded cups and/or are lined for better support. Swim bottoms are very flexible and a there are several styles that have tie-side bottoms for even better adjustment. So now the decision is yours. Take a look at BellaBlu’s fantastic selection of maternity swimwear. We’re always here to help if you have any sizing questions or need s suit delivered by a certain date. We always try to accommodate our customers needs whenever possible. And don’t forget the $4.95 flat rate ground shipping which just can’t be beat!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pregnancy and Your Body

Post partum blues? Not anymore! The evolution of maternity clothing never ceases to fail as now it continues into after the baby wear. BellaBlu Maternity has added a wonderful new nursing bra line from Bravado. A high quality, affordable nursing bra line with top of the line nursing bras. Maternity pajama sets are all nursing capable so they work great during and after pregnancy. From Japanese Weekend to Olian Maternity, you will certainly find a cute style that suits your interests. Lastly is probably the most important to many moms these days and that is how do I get back to my "normal" body? Well that question has been answered with the induction of the pregnancy belts. Not the kind that hold your belly up for support while you are pregnant, but the kind that get the belly back down so you can work on getting that 6-pack back….or at least try! At BellaBlu Maternity we have 2 brands of after the baby belts to choose from. We have the ever popular Belly Bandit which comes in three styles. They are the Original, the Couture, and the Bamboo(most popular), with each having a color and/or design you will love. All are very easy to size and can be worn right after having your baby(once cleared from the doctor of course!) The next line is one that has been taking off rapidly and is soon to become our best seller and that is the Cinch. The Cinch belly wrap is a uniquely designed wrap that comes in two styles and two colors. Sizes are very simple as they only have two! The Cinch is very simple to use and offers stronger support and allows a wide range of adjustment. Their Signature Cinch even has pockets for warm or cold packs! So don’t let the post partum blues get you down as BellaBlu Maternity offers a great selection of nursing bras and pajama sets to choose from and as the always so wonderful belly wraps to get help get your body back the way you want it! Come take a look!

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